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What Are Liposomes?

A liposomal is a highly efficient liquid delivery system for nutrition, thanks to the bioavailability of phospholipids. A small preparation of special particles contains a liquid version of your supplement, which is far easier for your body to absorb than pills and capsules. They work similarly to sublingual delivery systems (under the tongue) but have the added benefit of preventing degradation, so you get the full benefits of your supplement. There are no nasty tablets to take, no horrible taste in your mouth. Just a sweet, juicy, highly concentrated shot of goodness.

What Are The Benefits Of Phospholipids

The phospholipids in our liquid supplements are perfect for ensuring rapid and increased nutrient absorption, as they create better bioavailability. They also provide other great health benefits, like supporting robust cell membranes and brain health. 

How Do I Take OQO Liposorbic?

Your OQO sachets let you grab a quick hit straight from the source but can also make a great and easy addition to your morning smoothie. Drop a shot in a glass of water for some extra hydration.

Mix it into your breakfast porridge pot or yogurt. It’s a little extra flavour in whatever you’re craving and entirely up to you.

How do I take OQO Diso?

Simply peel the pouch, remove the strip and place on your tongue. Wait a few seconds for the strip to dissolve with all its flavours. Water is not required.

When Should I Take My OQO?

When will it fit into your routine? When it comes to nutrition, consistency is the name of the game. Taking a supplement often enough becomes an unconscious habit requiring zero effort. So, what do you already do daily that you can add to? If you never skip breakfast or always end the day with herbal tea, it’s easier to add it to an existing habit than create a new one. But, if you don’t already have a daily routine, don’t worry. There are so many ways of taking your OQO. You’re bound to find one you love.

Are Your Supplements Dairy-Free?

Yes, they most certainly are. All our OQO recipes are free from dairy. So, whether you have a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, or any other issues with dairy but need an

effective supplement, you’re in the right place. That being said, we’re bringing out new products regularly so to be on the safe side, double-check the ingredients on your flavours.

Does OQO Contain Gluten?

No. If you have a gluten intolerance, you’re in luck, as none of our Liposomes or Diso contain any gluten. No need to look for a GF supplement alternative this time. We made sure our products are safe for coeliacs (and anyone else avoiding gluten) from the start.



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